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Dinning out happens less frequently than it used to due to the rising prices of everything. Most people are closely watching how their money is spent. Instead of eating out three or four times a week the occurrence is more like once a week. A leisurely dinner is what people are seeking. They do not want to feel rushed.


People do not want to feel pressured to pay the bill and leave. This is what happens when the bill is placed on the table and the waiter stops bye to ask if it is all set. During busy times the wait staff feels pressure to be attentive to every table, which can get annoying to diners who are catching up with friends or family and do not want to be interrupted.

Total Elimination

All those involved will be more comfortable and less stressed with a Self Service Kiosk POS on the table. Pressure, awkwardness, and timing are never an issue again. When a self service kiosk pos system is installed, customers can pay at any time right from the table. Just slide a debit or credit card into the kiosk and the bill is paid. People can eat and leave quickly or linger over coffee and dessert.

The wait staff now has more time to seat incoming customers, answer any questions about menu items, and run food from the kitchen to tables while the food is still hot. Jobs are not lost because there are several other tasks to complete. Attention can be provided when and where needed, and regular customers can enjoy dinner at their own pace.


Some self service pos kiosk systems are simple and only allow customers to pay the bill. Others are more advanced and have more features. The restaurant owner can request games be added to the kiosk for customer entertainment. There is also an ipad self service kiosk system that includes menu items, ingredients, and a way for diners to customize orders. Those with allergies, customers who do not want certain condiments on their burgers, and people with hearing or speech impediments can take complete control of the ordering process.

This is not only convenient, it also minimizes mistakes, reduces food going back to the kitchen, and lowers liability risks. Customers have fun placing orders, are completely satisfied with how their meals are prepared, and post a favorable review on social media. Wait staff is not running back and forth to the kitchen for one table, and everyone is happy.


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